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IT Park helps residents to go to the federal and international level together with Skolkovo

About us

In June 2018, the Technopark in the field of high technologies IT - park received the status of a regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Within the framework of the Skolkovo project, five clusters have been created that develop innovative projects. These are clusters of information, biomedical, energy efficient, nuclear and space technologies. "

How to get involved?

Filing an application. Projects from legal entities and individuals are accepted for preliminary examination.

Fill in all sections of the application, except for the section "Legal entity", then at the top of the page, click the button "Submit for preliminary examination". For each of the stages of the preliminary examination, a notification of the results of the examination is sent to the applicant's e-mail indicated when registering his personal account on the website.

Consideration. Correctly completed applications are sent for review to independent experts.

Receive a protocol with a positive decision of the expert panel. The minutes of the meeting of the expert board are valid for 6 months from the date indicated in it. Upon successful completion of the preliminary examination, the minutes of the meeting of the expert board is automatically attached to the application in the section "Legal entity".

If the expert board makes a negative decision on the application, you will be able to:

- request all comments of experts on your application by sending a letter indicating the application number to
- request the creation of an edited copy of the rejected application by sending a letter indicating the application number to, after which an edited copy of the application, identical to the previous one, but with a different number, will appear in your personal account on the website in the "Application management" section;
- finalize the application, taking into account the comments of the experts and re-submit it for preliminary examination.

Advantages of the Skolkovo resident status:

After approval of the application by the expert board, the company is entered into the register of Skolkovo participants and gains access to the benefits of participants:

Tax incentives Project participants applying the general taxation system are provided with the following benefits:

- Exemption from the taxpayer's obligations for income tax;
- Exemption from the duties of a taxpayer for value added tax (except for VAT paid when importing goods into the Russian Federation);
- Exemption from taxation by tax on the property of organizations;
- Reduced rate of insurance premiums - 14%;
- Reimbursement (exemption from payment) of customs duties and VAT in respect of goods imported for the construction and equipment of real estate objects in Skolkovo or necessary for carrying out research activities in Skolkovo;
- Benefits for participants do not depend on the areas of activity within the project.

Additional funding

Skolkovo Foundation participants can apply for a grant to finance their project. The amount of funding depends on the stage at which the project is:

- Idea stage (Mini-grant) - up to 5 million rubles.
- Seeding stage (Stage 1) - up to 30 million rubles.
- Early stage (Stage 2) - up to RUB 150 million.
- Advanced stage (Stage 3) - up to RUB 300 million.

Minimum co-financing amount (as a percentage of the total budget):

- Idea stage (Mini-grant) - 0%
- Seeding stage (Stage 1) - at least 25%
- Early stage (Stage 2) - not less than 50%
- Advanced stage (Stage 3) - at least 75% "

Micro-grant support

Skolkovo Foundation members can apply for micogrants in the following areas:

- "Protection of intellectual property" (for example, support for paperwork when registering foreign patents) - up to 1,500 thousand rubles;
- "Prototyping" (for example, conducting an independent test of a laboratory sample to confirm the obtained properties) - up to 1,500 thousand rubles;
- "Testing" (for example, creating a prototype of a case and / or a mechanism for an electronic device) - up to 1,500 thousand rubles;
- "Participation in exhibitions and conferences" (for example, participation in a specialized international exhibition to demonstrate a sample of the project's products) - up to 500 thousand rubles.

More detailed information about microgrants can be found here: "

Simplified procedure for hiring foreign workers

The Skolkovo Foundation helps the project participants with foreign citizenship to draw up the documents necessary to work in Russia and takes on the resolution of issues with the Federal Migration Service.
In addition, foreign citizens and members of their families working in the Skolkovo project are not subject to quotas, thanks to the Federal Law “About the Skolkovo Innovation Center”. Family members of highly qualified foreign specialists involved in the project automatically receive a work permit in Russia.

Services on preferential terms

Subsidiaries of the Skolkovo Foundation provide services to project participants on preferential terms:

- Accounting (setting up, keeping records, submitting reports);
- Personnel records and personnel search;
- Grant accounting (function of the external treasury and assistance in the preparation of the report);
- Legal service;
- Consulting in the field of accounting, tax, grant accounting, reporting;
- Conducting seminars, trainings;
- Services in the field of intellectual property (consulting on technology patenting, on intellectual property issues, as well as on the practice of applying intellectual property legislation; preparation and filing with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) applications for the grant of a patent for an invention, utility model, industrial design, as well as applications for state registration of computer programs, databases, etc.);
- Customs benefits.

Please note that the import of goods through the Customs and Finance Company is a prerequisite for obtaining reimbursement of the costs of paying import customs duties and VAT, as well as reduced tariff rates for the services of a customs representative.

Information and PR-support

Project participants can count on informational support of their activities within the project through various channels, as well as assistance in organizing promotional and informational events. The services provided to project participants include the following:

- Information coverage of activities (preparation and distribution of announcements and press releases, publication of news, preparation of press clipping);
- Organization, development and support of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, special projects and other events. Organizational and informational support at events.
- Initiation and organization of television and radio spots with the participation of residents;
- Working with journalistic inquiries, as well as organizing interviews and comments in the media;
- Promotion in the blogosphere, mention in press materials, constant updating and placement of contacts of participants in media databases.

Advantages of the «Remote resident of it Park» status


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